Masato-Kumoi-Saxophone-QuarFounded in 1996 by Masato Kumoi, the quartet amis for homogenous sound created by the saxophonists belonging to the same school. They made their debut in Tokyo in December 2000 since then the members remain the same and having held concerts regularly. In 2002, the quartet’s first CD, Mountain Roads (CAFUA CACG-0039) was released. In 2004 they held a concert in Hamarikyu Asahi Hall under the title of “Memento Mori” and in Gina Ohi Hall under the title of “Danceable Sax.” In the same year they made a CD, Chamber Symphony (CAFUA CACG-0074).

The members of the Masato Kumoi Saxophone Quartet include:
Masato Kumoi, Soprano Saxophone
Wataru Sato, Alto Saxophone
Kazuyuki Hayashida, Tenor Saxophone
Takahiro Nishio, Baritone Saxophone