Engaging, Challenging & Inspiring…

The Snow Pond Music Festival engages aspiring artists to develop, collaborate, and grow. Each summer world class performers and educators join forces to present specialized programming with the common mission of challenging and inspiring the next generation of musicians, educators and cultural ambassadors. SPMF attracts high-level college, graduate, and post-graduate level musicians from around the world.

At SPMF, participants immerse in music making in a uniquely nurturing and intimate environment. A strong foundation is provided to ignite the creative and critical mind; life-long friendships develop which will fuel future networking; and vital connections are made that will forge pathways for meaningful lives in the arts.

Snow Pond Music Festival is pleased to offer six unique programs in conjunction during the 2016 season. Each of these seminars offers professional insight and assistance, as well as exposure to world-class musicians and peers in a peaceful and intimate setting.

“Three months later, I am still in awe of the life-changing experience I had at MCMS this summer. Playing along side such dedicated and talented professionals and students was absolutely incredible.”  MCMS Participant 

“I absolutely cherished this experience. Every day seemed like a week in terms of volume of hard work and growth that I was able to achieve. I’m at a much better place with myself as a player and person because of it. I would highly recommend this camp to anyone looking for such an experience. I was also extremely pleased with the musicianship of the other campers and it was so cool to watch everyone else’s growth. It was tremendous to be a part of it.” FLHSI Participant 

“Thank you for everything! This was a priceless experience. The highlight of my entire year.” FLHSI Participant                                                                      

“I could not have enjoyed this camp any more. I learned so much and the experience can not be summed up on a single document. I will be recommending this camp to all the serious saxos interested in summer study, and I myself cannot wait to return next summer. Thanks to everyone involved, it was an experience I will take with me all life long.” FLHSI Participant 

2018 SPMF poster